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Help with sliders?

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Help with sliders?





I have Novation 25SL MK II and I use it with Reaper. 




By default, the sliders work with the mixer tracks so that:


slide n.1 is mixer vol,


slide n.2 is track n.1 vol


slide n.3 is track n.2 vol




and so on...




now lets say my project has 14 tracks, question is if there's an easy way to change the sliders for example the following way:




slide n.1 is track n.5 vol


slide n.2 is track n.6 vol


slide n.3 is track n.7 vol




and so on...




and let's say after a while change again:




slide n.1 is track n.8 vol


slide n.2 is track n.9 vol


slide n.3 is track n.10 vol






25SL MK II has 8 sliders so this would come handy.




Thanks for help!



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Hi There,

I think you can do it using the HUI control method that Novation specify, although it seems the most common method for SL users is to use something called 'Padres Automap Mod' - Which gives you more control surface like control to reaper.

I tried it a LONG time ago and it was really good, but not used reaper for at least a year now so don't know how it performs, basically the link is here:-

Download the version which matches your OS and there should be a guide included which will help you set it up... If not, there's a guide here, but it's a little older than the actual software, so only use if you get stuck:

Please post back if you give it a try as somone may find your experience useful, if you get stuck then the cockos forum may be your best resource rather than here.

Last seen: 3 years 9 months ago
Joined: 01/29/2015 - 15:05

Hi skijumptoes!


Many thanks for help I'll inform immediately when I've had time to try those tips very soon!