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No "Logic Pro X" in Software Setup.

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No "Logic Pro X" in Software Setup.

I've been trying to get this keyboard controller set up for a week now. At first it was kind of promising.

I was able to get s few faders to wiggle on screeen. And was able to start on mapping an AU soft synth.

I was having a lot of problems switching from instruments to mixer mode. So I decided to RTFM and get it set up properly.

Now am I in a worse state. Nothing works except as a plain midi keyboard.

I cant get it to consistently control plugins or the mixer.

I've noticed that after going through the set up guide I am missing a step.

I still do not have "Logic Pro" showing up in the Software Setup panel.

Is there a trick to this?

I'm pretty adept with Macs. So if this is a Plist thing or some directory perms that need chowning do tell.

I'd rather not blunder about my Mac changing things to find out what works.

I'm running Logic Pro X 10.7 on a 2013 Mac Pro, Mavericks 10.9.5.

Very little else installed there.


The controller is the 49SL MKII

I'm using the latest download of Automap as of last week.

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When you say the latest version of automap - have you visited here:-

That's the very latest, if you've not installed that yet - then do so, and post back if it improves.  You shouldn't need to change anything on your system to get it working.  I had something similar occur and installing the latest automap and then a restart sorted it out strangely enough.  (Not used to seeing things fix themselves with a restart on a mac!)

I have a very similar setup to yours so if you're still stuck after the 4.9b2 install i will try to help as best i can.