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Bitwig MIDI Support

Hey guys!

I'm switched form Ableton to Bitwig DAW and I've issue with Twich's MIDI assignment.

It has detected as Generic MIDI keyboard and when i did activated it only pads works in right well.

All knobs from left half produce same message and from right half another one..

Touchstrips also doesn't works right and produce only 2 msgs.


I suppose need some controller script. Bitwig define it via javascript...

Any chance Twitch' team can create one? 



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Hi Dadaist,

Your information had been passed on as a feature request to our developers.
In the mean time please check out Twitch Translator which allows users to set up and use the
TWITCH to control parameters in any MIDI compatible DJ software.

Here is the link for the user guide:


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Thanks Administrator!

I've started work on Controller Script for Bitwig myself with help of Bitwig community.

I've made basic fixes and functionality. So Twitch can be used for basic things like drummachine pads and MIDI mapping/


I do update it with more things. Latest Script with HowToUse can be find here:

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hi im the owner of novation launch control and i use bitwig but these daw isn`t compatibili with launch control, where can find the script to use launch contrlo in bitwig??