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Crossfader fault

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Crossfader fault

Hi, my twitch has recently devloped a crossfader fault. When i push the crossfader all the way over to the left (deck a) side it often no longer cuts out deck b. Or more accurately it cuts it out untill it gets to the extreme left and then deck b fades back in. Sometimes it does this, sometimes it doesnt.

I bought the twitch in january however it was bspec (possibly ex display) so i am unsure if i would have a warranty left on it.

How do i find out if i am covered by warranty?

If i am not covered by warranty, where could i get it fixed? or is it even something i could perhaps fix myself?


Thanks for your time, love the product otherwise.

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Hello porps,

I suggest you get in contact with our tech support team - they'll be able to find out that information for you, and help as much as they can.
Here's a link: