Pre-listening Twitch with Traktor

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Pre-listening Twitch with Traktor

Hello everyone, I state that I am not a DJ but I like to have fun at home, I recently purchased the twitch and use it with traktor, but I cannot do the prelistening, both decks end up on the master... I will surely have done something wrong. Someone can help me? Thank you in advance.

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Joined: 07/24/2013 - 17:12

Hello Jimmy,

Sounds like a routing issue! Can you send us a picture of your setup?


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HI Jimmy. I also have the same Mistake. If you habe a Solution from Novation ( or anyonw out there) PLEASE write it down here.

I´d like to use the Twitch sone for a you also have Problemes that the Phone Knobs ( CUE / Volume) work but you still get any Feedback in the Software??


Best Regards,


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Hi, I'm having the exact same problem, this is my output settings right now. Master is mono since im running through a single aux cord. Any ideas?

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Joined: 11/24/2014 - 17:26

Same problem with Traktor pro 2.6.8!!  Any Solution here?? The mapping from doesn't run! need help!





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Joined: 12/30/2014 - 09:38

UPDATE: Having read the Twitch Programmer's Guide I know realise the Master section is audio only - no midi control whatsoever. Fine, I can get along with that, then I had trouble with how the master mix for a track was full regardless of crossfader position, but that was a Traktor setting, I had not enabled the crossfader properly. Now, I can even mix in headphones, which was my original goal!


I'm having a similar problem. With mine, the Master section does nothing in traktor using the default twitch TSI file (or any other) -

Traktor does not even get any controller messages when I rotate any of these 4 knobs.

Very frustrating that I cannot mage my headphone cue with Twitch, as everything else works just great!

Using Midi Monitor in OSX, with no DJ software running, I see no messages from this section of the Twitch either.

Same if I have TRaktor running, if I have Serato running in settings under Mixer the Monitoring panel is greyed out.

Perhaps in my case its a hardware isue, and I'll just have to scrap my twitch. A shame, I was one of the firs to buy, at an special introductory session at West End DJ when it first came out.