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problem connecting vinyl on aux

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problem connecting vinyl on aux



I have a problem connecting my vinyl platine  (reloop RP2000m) to the twich aux input.

When i connect it, i have a enormous background noise. I guess it's an impedance problem.

Does anybody have a solution?



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Joined: 03/26/2013 - 13:22

Is it a hum, like buzzing that you're getting, and is continual? This could quite easily be a ground loop if your platine is plugged in to a different power source than your computer that the twitch is connected to.  Are you able to record a clip?

Also, where is the gain setting, have you got it on max?

If you're using it with serato there were some bugs with the aux input sound quality too, see here:-

So may be worth checking their forums too if you're using that software, AND make sure you're on the latest update.