Serato DJ Effects mapping for Twitch is a disaster!

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Serato DJ Effects mapping for Twitch is a disaster!

Hi, I have been posting this in the Serato forum without any results.

I love my Twitch and like Serato DJ, but together they suck regarding effects.

Serato told me they did the mapping. Please look at what happended because it's your

Twitch looking bad because of it

I'm certainly no mapping expert, but this is my post:

I think most of you have experienced major awkwardness with the Twitch effects mapping since using DJ in stead of Itch.

There is of course the bug that makes the fader effect useless until solved (Serato knwows this and promisses a fix without a time line)

The effects mapping IMO is awful and I think we should give the Serato people a hand with fixing it (whether they like it or not ;-)

Mapping of single FX mode is kinda ok with the fader as main adjuster (except the bug..) except turning a knob should always be first choise above pushing that knob for selecting an effect since we have so many to choose from

Mapping of multi effects mode IMO could be so much better.

I notice that all current controllers made for DJ have 4 effect control knobs (4th for beats ) and 3 on/of buttons

The Twitch also has 4 knobs if you count the FX parameter for the single effect mode/FX fader.

In fact; in Multi effect mode this knob already is mapped to change beats, so why not map 3th effect bottom to FX3 instead to "beats"and the 3th button to on/of FX3

1 knob to FX1, 1 button to FX1 on/of
2 knob to FX2, 2 button to FX2 on/of
3 knob to FX3, 2 button to FX3 on/of

I find it hard to put in words the awkwardness I feel when using the effects, and not so easy to come up with a solution.

I hope some more experienced users will use the chance to ad their solutions for a better effects mapping.

I also hope that Serato looks back now and again and not just forward..

Twitch/Itch was great. Can we have the same thight mapping? Yes we can! (pretty please)