Twitch Not being recognized by my MAC and PC..... :-/

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Twitch Not being recognized by my MAC and PC..... :-/

I really dont know why it is so difficult to get this machine to work.

I have spent all day reading in forums to find out why when i try to install the latest USB driver for the twitch on my mac i get an

instlation failed error.

First Certification has expired error, then instal error.

Sooo, i try on my PC with windows 7. Still, nothing. Cannot see USB Device, please plug in usb device.

So for i want to throw this thing out the window. All is see is 2 red strip lights teasing me.

Does somebody know the reason This doesnt work?

PLEASE HELP....................



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Have you tried right clicking in windows on the install file and installing as an adminstrator?

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I think I might of figured it out on my Twitch:

Mostly, it is a power issue. Since Twitch uses a USB to recieve power, you should try to get as much as possible.

If you're using a laptop, it must be plugged in directly meaning, you shouldn't have any extension cord or hub because it splits the power between each jack (I'm pretty much just telling you to plug it directly into the wall).


As for software, I couldn't tell you much for the Mac because I use a PC. But on Windows, you have to go to your Device Manager in Control Panel. When you plug in your Twitch, it should refresh and show as Unknown or Unrecognizable Hardware. Right-click on that and select uninstall.

Remove your Twitch then uninstall and reinstall the Novation USB Driver.

Then restart your computer.

Connect your Twitch and hopefully it'll work (This is just my theory, if it worked for me then it might work for you)