Does Ultranova combine midi and output via its USB?

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Does Ultranova combine midi and output via its USB?

Hi all,

Can the Ultranova combine midi input from an external device then output the total via its USB midi? This is my current setup but I'm not getting the desired result:

External MIDI Controller MIDI OUT -> Ultranova MIDI IN -> USB from Ultranova connect to a computer running VSTi -> Computer selected Ultranova MIDI port.

When I play the External MIDI, I can hear sound from the Ultranova. When I play the Ultranova, I can hear sound from my VSTi. But when I play from my external midi controller, I can't hear sound from my VSTi.


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It's not possible via USB, you have to use the MIDI thru port of the UN and connect it via a MIDI-to-USB cable to your comp. MIDI thru copies the data on the MIDI in port of a keyboard/synth, adds it to the device's MIDI data and sends both out to the next device.

Another way would be to route the incoming MIDI data from UN's MIDI out in your DAW to the track where your VSTi exists. This depends on your DAW.