Flickering screen and LEDs when USB powered

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Flickering screen and LEDs when USB powered

Hi everyone. My ultranova is fine when powered by the AC adapter, but wher powered by a Samsung Series 9 ultrabook USB port the characters on the screen and leds lose brightness. This effect increases along with the master volume, the complexity of the sound and the polyphony. Eventually the characters become completely unreadable if I play a ~8 note chord on a complex patch. I think there is also a slight effect on the instrument's sound quality. Is this a normal thing? I' ve tried setting the pc on performance mode (no energy saving) and it gets better but the problem is still there.

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This is quite common - many PCs just don't provide enough amps through the USB port to power the device.

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The UltraNova seems to have just barely enough power over USB. I have a long USB cable that came with my McMillen 12 Step and there's too much voltage drop to power the UN with it. I've also noticed the  LCD and LEDs flicker when changing patches.

Last seen: 1 year 10 months ago
Joined: 04/01/2013 - 23:47

Hi!, try changing the usb cable, i had the same problem with my old cable... hope this helps :D