Having multiple copies of Ultranova plugin open in Cubase

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Having multiple copies of Ultranova plugin open in Cubase


I understand that the Ultranova is only capable of playing one patch at a time which is why there is a restriction of having only one copy of the plugin running.

What I have been doing in Cuabse Elements 8 is to create a MIDI track using the Ultranova plugin, then recording the MIDI, adjusting the MIDI then recording it to an audio track. I then have to change the MIDI plugin to close Ultranova before creating a new Ultranova MIDI track for another part of the track.

Is there any way of leaving the Ultranova plugin open for multiple tracks, but have all but one disabled so I can save the patch settings and tweaks for the specific patch enabling me to modify the track at a later date and re-record the modified audio track with the Ultranova patch settings being exactly the same as before?


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I too wanted this a long time ago, i just don't think the demand is there for Novation to develop a method, however.  Like you, it would just need an enable/disable option on the plugin to shutdown/enable communications to the synth - it can detect that another plugin is running as you get a message now when trying to run duplicates, it can simply prevent you from enabling the plugin when this is detected.

I think it would be great as when 'enabling' the plugin it could resync/load it's current patch/setting (Which the editor does already!) and would truly act in a similar vein to a soft synth which many users are familar with to give instant patch recall without saving presets.