How can I quickly access favorite patches?

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How can I quickly access favorite patches?

Hi. I'm thinking about buying an Ultranova for live use. Is there a way to quickly switch to a favorite patch without having to scroll through others?

Because our band needs to switch patches quickly, so it would be difficult to scroll around for a while. I'm used to interfaces that let me press one button to get directly to a favorite patch.

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Hello Sabin,


There is not a separate "favourites" section or interface. However, you could save any number of your desired patches in consecutive slots - there are 4 banks (A, B, C, D) of 128 patches each, all of which can be overwritten - so you could keep your performance patches in D001-D025 for example.



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I'm looking into this myself as it's quite fiddly to change to fav patches during live performance! Apparently you can purchase FCB1010 as well which you can programme to work with UltraNova as favourites bank. Do some research into it if interested though because I've only looked briefly!