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No sound with ultranova.

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No sound with ultranova.

I've a problem with Live, FL studio and cubase on windows 7, i've this message, i don't know what to do, can you help me please?

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The plugin is just warning you that it doesn't route audio from the ultranova to the track that you've got it attached to.

There are midi tracks and audio tracks in all DAW's midi tracks control the devices (i.e. filter controls, notes on/off etc.) and the audio tracks carry the sound.

Just 'click don't show again' and ok it, and you won't see it anymore.

If you can't hear any audio then you need to create an audio track that the ultranova can route it's audio through to your main output.

If that doesn't make sense then please post back with your setup (i.e. sound card / audio cables plugged in where?) and can help sort it for you, as the ultranova has a soundcard built-in i don't know if you're trying to use that, or have audio cables from the ultranova to your soundcard for example.

However, the bottom line is that you need an audio track to bring the audio into your DAW.