Using MIDI OUT (no USB connected) - Transposing doesn't work?

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Using MIDI OUT (no USB connected) - Transposing doesn't work?

Hi all,

I have had a very embrassing momment yesterday on a gig when a singer decided to lower her key by a semi-tone!

The Ultranova is connected to my Audio interface (I'm still having issues with Ultranova's USB Audio interface, see my other posts) via a MIDI cable, controlling some VSTi plugins that ran through a VSTi Host. I powered the Ultranova using the external power source and not the USB. Anyway, so to transpose down a semitone, I went to Global and then 2nd page -> Select the knob to transpose down (-1), and then play! Bam, the entire band is a key lower than me! And I'm the one who do the intro.

Am I missing something? Do I need to select the Ultranova at a certain mode for the transpose to work via MIDI OUT? I'm getting more and more frustrated with the Ultranova and it's a bit sad, it supposed to be a very good unit!