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Vox humana patch

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Vox humana patch


Ive almost cracked the famous vox humana ( polymoog ) sound from gary numans pleasure principle album. I cant quite get it right though. 

Does anybody have the patch ? Its the most amazing synth sound ever. id love to have it in my ultranova. Any chance i can pintch it off somebody ??

cheers in advance.

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Hey there! There's a couple of decent attempts at the Vox Humana readily available. There's one called "HugeMann" (heh) in the Mininova's sound banks (Bank A #106) that should work on an UN as well (you can either get it from the Mininova Librarian or from a link I saw somewhere in the Mininova forum). There's also a good effort at the VH in the recent Supernova Sound Pack. It's called "Neuman's Auto" and also worth a look. With a little tweaking, I think either would nail that vibe you're looking for, although to my ears the Mininova patch is a little bit closer. 

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