V- station VST3 in Sonar Platinum don't save?

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V- station VST3 in Sonar Platinum don't save?



I have an instance of V-station 64 bit (VST3) in Sonar Platinum. For some reason the Programs I use aren't saved.

This happens both when editing a Program or creating a new patch from scratch. 


I have tried the following:

1. To use a preset in V-station and save my current project in Sonar

2. To make my own patch, save it (write + confirm) then saving my project. I got a confirmation that my patch is saved.


However, when i open my project again, the preset in V-station is reset and play Program 100 (Bass1) 

Furthermore the preset I made myself isn't saved anymore.


This is very annoying. Has anyone come across this problem? What to do?

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Hi EricDeluxe,

Sorry to hear about the issues occuring with the V-Station plug-in, but we are more than happy to help.

That is very odd behavior occuring, but, if possible, does the issue occur when using the V-Station within another recording software? This is to see if the behavior is limited to Sonar Platinum.

In case there was an issue with the installation of the plug-in, please attempt to remove/re-install the plug-in. If the issues are still occuring after doing this, please contact us through the following link so we may assist further:


Matthews Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support

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I'm having a similar issue with both the v-station and bass station in Ableton Live 9.2 (64 bit).

I recently installed v-station 2.1 and bass station 2.3 after receiving them with my launchpad pro.

When I run v-station, I am able to scroll through and load a program. However, as soon as I stop a clip, the sound defaults back to the first program. In other words, I can temporarily load a program and play with the preset using the instrument mode on my launchpad. However, If I record a clip and replay it, the preset defaults back to the first program.  This is very frustrating, and I am essentially unable to save any of the programs. The same thing happens with the bass station. I tried reinstalling the software for both plugins, and still the same problem.