All Inclusive DAW and mobile performance station in iOS

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All Inclusive DAW and mobile performance station in iOS

I have been using the LAunchkey 49 for a few weeks.  My hope and desire in buying it was that it would be powerful and functional enough for me to use easily and readily for performing with my own loops and songs.  I think that there are a lot of functions of the LK49 that are heading toward that goal.  I feel really strongly that musicians are looking for more and more mobility and a powerful DAW's for mobile devices.  I would love to see novation release an app that would seamlessly incorperate it's own DAW that would function with the other 2 apps allready out.  It would be great to arrange and create songs/parts/tracks and to be able to trigger them on the pads of the LK49 as well as possibly record midi directly into the LP app (kind of like loopy).  I think this would take a lot of the contant need to copy and paste and figure out what is compatable and what isn't away.  


Keep up the good work!  I love the LK49 and really choose it from anothe midi controller becuase of the app and mobile appeal.   

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Aren't the novation apps audiobus supported? (I don't use them, so don't know)

If so, providing you have audiobus installed, then they will operate as sources/plugins for other DAW's, like cubasis, or even garageband on ios etc.