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Circuit Improvements

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Circuit Improvements

First off, I absolutely love the idea of the Circut and I must admit it's a great device for toying around and getting quick ideas on the road,

but, on the other hand, for a bit more professional use it's somewhat limited in features.

I'd love to see it or a separate Pro-version to be enhanced with additonal features, keeping up the same brilliant usability.


I'd like to open the discussion on future improvements of the Circuit.


Here's what I personally like / love:

  • The overall handling of the device is pure fun!
  • I absolutely love that it's standalone, I can take it anywhere. No computers required, that's what I actually want, no matter if it's the stage, the studio or the sofa, it could be the Circuit.
  • the grid, absolutly banging!!!
  • 128 chainable steps, nice!
  • It's well built
  • runs on standard batteries


Improvements I'd like to see:

  • Additional drum parts. 4 is very limiting, think complex Drum'n Bass patterns.
  • Could it be possible to make additional drum parts accessible via Shift-functions and a software update?
  • Custom sample uploads. Yes, the limitations are there for a reason, but this applies to the freedom of samples aswell.
  • More synth presets, see the Electribe2, it's rich on features, but for me, it lacks usability.
  • Marcos: I mostly like them, but their constant variation of purpose puts me a bit off. All that random-parameters-lead-to-new-inspirations-thing is nice for the inital time, but it's hard to reproduce that inspiration or use it on a live gig. If you're starting something a bit more serious, you'd either have to reproduce it on other hardware or you have to figure out the exact Circuit's settings. May be there could be a switch for an inspiration/-reproduction mode.
  • A display would also be nice, showing exactly what parameters a macro is actually tweaking (why not use a companion App for existing devices?).
  • Additional hardware outputs for recording single parts
  • The speaker is a nice gadget, but it can be omitted. I'd rather use headphones or a stereo than sitting around the campfire chunking out tinny sounds.


Cheers and thanks for listening!