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Novation next/future synth

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Novation next/future synth

Hi Novation Team, I'm a big Novation fan from Canada. I'm the owner of a Ultranova and a Bass Station II and I really love these synth. I will give you my vision of my dream Novation next synth. There's a lot of modelling synth on the market (Access Virus, Nord lead, Ultranova of course) but in the analog way,  there's a lot of mono synth (for me the bass stationII is the best for bass) BUT NOT a lot of polyphonic synth except few very expensive machine (Prophet etc..). So, below is my list of basic spec for a new Novation Synth.

NOVATION Polyphonic analog synth

keyboard: 49 or 61 keys (the quality of the Ultranova keybed is very satisfied but we really need a minimum of 49 notes)

polyphony: 6 voices

Oscillators: 2 DCO

FX: no internal FX (exept glide)

Memory: minimum of 100 patch

Arpegiator: yes

color: Novation blue

look: future analog look - no wooden side

Midi, CV/gate


This is not a lot of spec, but it mean I want to put my $$$ on a analog polyphonic synth in the future, and it will be cool on a Novation synth. So, continue to make great inexpensive quality synth Novation !!!







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I too, in fact to increase the amount of timbres playing at the same time. The discussion in this thread:

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Hi Darkmagus222,

Thank you for your feedback and I will make sure to pass this to our development team. We are always interested to hear what our customers are wanting to see in the future.

Thank you,

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support

Last seen: 2 years 12 months ago
Joined: 08/05/2013 - 18:31

Hi Novation, you know what ?? I worked on my Ultranova all the weekend for future concert, and I really love this great little synth (I have a ultranova for 2-3 years now) but I think we need a Ultranova II in the future with 61-keys and maybe multitimbral. The Ultranova is a fantastic synth who have a lot of power inside the cab but 61-keys will help us to do a lot of stuff !!! I feel very comfortable with my Bass Station II 2-octave but more keys on the Nova will be great. Can't wait to see the next Novation synth!!!!!