Cubase - Plugins don't receive MIDI when Zero SL MKII is switched on.

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Cubase - Plugins don't receive MIDI when Zero SL MKII is switched on.



I presume you can still use non-automapped plug ins when running the Automap server and the Zero SL MK II?


I only ask as if I boot Cubase with the Zero turned on, none of my plugins recieve MIDI (as in their MIDI lights don't flash on an incoming signal).


If I boot Cubase (V7.5.2, 64bit) first and then switch the Zero on, my plugins recieve MIDI as normal, and therefore make sound.


I've never got the Zero to work since I've had it. And once in a while I go back to trying to make it work, and each time I fail.


Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here?





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I'm also sttruggling with instrument plugins in Cubase 7.5. I mostly use Kontakt 5 for my orchestral libraries but although I can play notes from my keyboard through the ZeRO SLII I cannot seem to get any of the controllers to control Kontakt, even though it is supposedly the Automap version. I have tried going back and re configuring, have tried all sorts of settings. The ZeRO SL works beautifully in mixer mode controlling Cubase's faders, mutes transport controls etc but I really want the control over my VST instruments too, then it would be perfect.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

OK - I have sorted my particular problem out with this guidance from elsewhere just in case anyone else was struggling. Sorry that it doesn't answer the query above.

Can I use Native Instruments Kontakt with Automap?

When you load an Automap wrapped instance of Kontakt the controls in Automap will be labeled 001, 002, 003 etc. These numbers correspond to the host automation ID numbers. To view the Kontakt host automation assignments click on the 'Auto' tab in the browser and select the 'Host Automation' page. You can drag and drop host automation IDs onto any parameter in Kontakt to allow that parameter to be Automated.

Automap controls plug-in parameters using automation rather than MIDI data so if you want to control a parameter in Kontakt from your Automap controller you must first assign it to an Automation ID number within Kontakt using the drag-and-drop procedure. Once that is done you can learn that parameter to a control by activating learn mode, altering the plug-in parameter with the mouse and then operating the control that you want to assign it to. The control in Automap will then be labelled with the parameter name (e.g. cutoff) rather than the automation ID number.