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Expression pedal settings

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Expression pedal settings


Where features MIDI expression pedal is set at Zero SLMkII? (to get to the CC11 parameters).

Please someone aude me because I fail to find.

Thank you in advance!

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I am very much in the same situation as you are Claudio. Can someone help us figure this out? 


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You're wanting to assign the expression pedal to a different CC?  Is that what you're asking?

Is this using automap or midi templates?  If using midi templates you can edit your temmplate using the SLMkII editor software, sustain and expression can both be customised there.

Download from here (third one down):-

I'm not near my SL at the moment so can't check how to do it using automap or via the front panel, if you reply back and the editor doesn't help i will check how to do it another method.