Modifications to my Zero??

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Modifications to my Zero??

Hi. I'm sitting at my desk messing about with Reason and playing with the automap mappings and Thor in general. Iv been bashing away at my keyboard making some nice grungey sounds and turned to my Zero and tried tapping the so called 'drum pads'. Which as I'm sure everyone reading this, including users, Mods,Admins, Devs, Engineers, Sales and Marketing etc will agree, they're 8 ponies just sat there doing nothing!!. But my reason for posting isnt to whine about em, we all know it, but we use the Zero coz of all those knobs n sliders.


My reason for the post is... How possible is it to carefully pull out the pads and replace them with pots or encoders? Will the existing software read the data from new pots/enc as much the same data as from the pads? From the looks of the automap GUI i can assign knob type parameters to them, such as Thors rotaries, Osc Tune etc.


I know that its something that will void warranties, but mine ran out a year ago so doesnt bother me too much, but getting all that extra functionality that 8 more pots or encoders will provide is worth LOADS (not in a monetary sense, but in convenience and usablity. To me the pads are 8 dead controls that will never be used. I have to beat the granny out of them just to get em to register as being hit.) Being able to operate 3 oscilators on the knobs on one page would be a huge improvement.

I havent pulled my Zero apart yet to check whats what, but I do have a dead RemoteLE with 8 pots on it that my be useful. Ooohhh, just another thought, is there anywhere on the Zero's pcbs to fit the XY pad and/or pitch/mod stick? It would have to be seperate and external but could it be wired in and use some sort of connector block?

Is there anything in the units firmware that will prevent these changes? If so, whats the chances of Novation quickly writing out a patch for the mod?

Has anyone else attemped any of this? If so, how did you go about it and what problems did you have? Are there issues with connecting pots to the connections that the pad sensors feed into?


Cheers peeps, IFFY


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Hi to help answer your questions in detail pleae contatct Novation Technical support.